Storm Damage Tree Surgery

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We have been extremely busy recently dealing storm damage resulting from Storms Desmond, Frank and Eva that struck the UK and Ireland during December. Capel Curig saw unprecedented rainfall – over 1000mm over the course of the month compared to an average of 300mm; coupled with winds of up to 85mph, a trail of destruction was left across North Wales, damaging woodlands and trees.

Storm damage to trees ranges from small limbs broken and over hanging footpaths and public spaces, to entire trees and their huge root-balls lying on major public highways or damaging housing or local infrastructure as recently seen on the A545 to Beaumaris.

Consultation on Storm Damage

When consulting with our clients about storm damage, our first priority is always to make any fallen trees safe and clear the highways. Before storms arrive we consult with our clients, carrying out a tree survey to identify any trees that may be at risk and making them safe in advance, to reduce the cost and stress associated with emergency works.


Storm damaged Cypress Tree
A large Lawson Cypress (Port Orford Cedar) that had fully half of its crown blown out during the recent storms, necessitating felling of the entire tree.


Of particular concern for many landowners is the danger of trees over roads and highways. Quite often they will naturally grow towards the road where there is less competition for light. This growth pattern leads to bio-mechanical stress due to the weight of the leaning part of the tree.

Landowners have a duty of care to ensure that their trees are in a safe condition – should a dangerous tree fall and cause injury the penalties can be very harsh.  However the mass felling of healthy trees should be avoided where possible.

Hurricane force winds combined with heavy rainfall can uproot even the healthiest trees. Should an injury or property damage occur, insurance companies will ask for a recent tree report, which will detail hazardous trees and make recommendations for action to be taken before inclement weather occurs.

Tree Surveys

We provide a detailed and affordable tree survey service; on single trees or entire estates. Using onsite computer mapping software and data collection, we can quickly and efficiently asses the hazards and cover landowners liability.

We are also available to clients for on call work during storm times, and with a highly mechanised operation, we can deal with storm damage quickly, safely and efficiently.

Use of a 30T mobile crane to remove storm damaged trees
Use of a 30T mobile crane to remove storm damaged trees complete with root balls.